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Savage Shredder

Mini Savage Hitter (Black)

Mini Savage Hitter (Black)

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Savage Hitter (Black) Small Aluminum Case, Hitter Pipe, Herb Dugout, Hitter Holder, Spring for Easy Hitter Access, Premium Grade Aluminum, 3 Inches Tall

Key Features

  • MINI SIZE - The Mini Savage Hitter is an aluminum one hitter case standing at a mini 3 inch height x 2 inch width. Swivel top lid that opens to a smoking pipe SPRING up for EASY hitter access. Adjacent 3 inch dugout for herbal storage.
  • SPACIOUS HERBAL STORAGE -  Nice amount of Space for your herbal storage in a sleek and convenient tool. Simply pour your shredded herbs into the spacious storage dugout. Keep swivel lid closed to cloak herb scent.
  • MINI ONE HITTER PIPE - Swivel open top and one hitter springs up for easy and convenient access. Insert the hitter into the herbal storage space to load your bowl. The cigarette design keeps you looking incognito.
  • TOP QUALITY AND SAVAGE DESIGN - This is a dynamic duo... and its mini! This the CUTEST and most classy one hitter on the market, it's infused with style and design. Made with premium grade aluminum metal this savage case is built to be taken anywhere. It's perfect for a day or night on the town! It’s perfect to hold what you need, yet small convenient and incognito. While being lightweight and portable. An accessory that fits right in your pocket or purse. Comes with reusable smoking pipe and a spacious storage compartment for your herbal storage.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied, you should probably see a doctor, but we will give you a FULL REFUND anyway. #SAVAGE
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